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Q & A with Tim Minear: March 2004

Tim answers questions writing, directing and showering and tells us why you should watch WONDERFALLS and how he'd end ANGEL, if given the chance.   Continue reading

popgurls: The Quickest Q&A Ever

popgurls attended The Wolfram & Hart Annual Review and they asked various BUFFY, ANGEL and FIREFLY cast and crew members a few quick questions. Though he was not an actual interviewee, Mr. Minear makes a cameo appearance. Or three....   Continue reading

Tim's Reaction to ANGEL's Demise

At the Wolfram & Hart Annual Review [the ANGEL fan party], the question on everyone's lips was, "What do you think about ANGEL's cancellation?" The BBC Online and Kristin at E! Online are two places where you can read Tim's thoughts on the subject: BBC - Buffy Cult: Angel axing...   Continue reading

Falling 'Angel' hopes for turn for the better

There are far worse fates for an actor than being undead. Like, say, being unemployed. For the past seven seasons, David Boreanaz has been happily employed as the sexy, soulful vampire Angel, first on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then on its undersung WB spinoff Angel. Though he has a...   Continue reading

Posted on May 7, 2003

'Angel' season ends with return in doubt

The WB's "Angel" airs a new episode at 8 p.m. Wednesday, leading into the show's fourth-season finale on May 7--which cast and crew also hope won't be the series finale for the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spinoff. At present, rumors are flying. "We live in the town of rumors," star...   Continue reading

Posted on April 30, 2003

Simkins exits `Angel' before really starting

David Simkins, recently hired to be the show-runner of The WB's "Angel" in the wake of the departure of the supernatural drama's co- creator, David Greenwalt, now also has departed the series. The parting of the ways is due to the often-cited "creative differences," according to a spokesman for producing...   Continue reading

Posted on August 14, 2002

'Angel' Flies Solo to the Edge

"There will be an occasional happy, so that it might be crushed under the boot of the writer."   Continue reading

Posted on May 15, 2002

Into 3rd season, `Angel' has finally found a voice

Two things initially attracted "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" executive producer David Greenwalt to doing a spinoff show about the slayer's love, the vampire-with-a-soul Angel. "Angel did something incredibly dark in the pilot -- drinking blood after someone was already dead," Greenwalt says. "Also, the detective, Kate [Elisabeth Rohm], was so...   Continue reading

Posted on January 9, 2002

Q & A with Tim Minear: June 2001

Tim answers our questions about directing: how it works, how it compares to writing and what the experience has been like for him.   Continue reading

Posted on June 1, 2001

The BBC Interviews Tim

Popular ANGEL writer director and producer Tim Minear discusses the evolution of Faith and Darla, directing Chinese peasants and much more. This is a multi part interview. It includes video clips. Find it here The BBCi Cult - http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/buffy/angel/...   Continue reading

Posted on December 1, 2000

Writer-producer Tim Minear on directing `Darla`

By: EDWARD GROSS Tomorrow night, the WB airs the first big Buffy/Angel crossover event of the new television season with the episodes "Fool For Love" and "Darla." Both episodes go a long way in detailing the "origins" of Spike, Drusilla and Darla, with a heavy dose of Angel thrown in...   Continue reading

ANGEL: Season One, Episode By Episode with Tim Minear - Part 4

By: EDWARD GROSS In the concluding installment of our interview with Tim Minear, the supervising producer brings readers behind-the-scenes of of the final episodes of the first season. In `Prodigal`, the present day story deals with possible corruption involving Kateís father, ultimately resulting in the manís death at the hand...   Continue reading

ANGEL: Season One, Episode By Episode with Tim Minear - Part 3

By: EDWARD GROSS In an exclusive interview, supervising producer Tim Minear continues his guided tour through the show`s first season. `Somnambulist` is truly one of the highlights of Angelís first season. Things start off mysteriously enough with Angel waking up from nightmares of having killed, and then discovering that those...   Continue reading

Posted on August 28, 2000

ANGEL: Season One, Episode By Episode with Tim Minear - Part 2

By: EDWARD GROSS Tim Minear continues guiding us through the ever changing season one of the BUFFY spinoff. Last week, we began an exclusive look at the first season of ANGEL as told through the eyes of supervising producer Tim Minear. What follows is the second part of this guided...   Continue reading

Posted on August 21, 2000

ANGEL: Season One, Episode By Episode with Tim Minear

By: EDWARD GROSS The supervising producer begins taking Fandom on a personal tour of all 22 episodes. Fairly early on in its first season, ANGEL proved itself to be a series that could stand apart from its progenitor, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. In the following interview, supervising producer Tim Minear...   Continue reading

Posted on August 14, 2000

Guiding the repentent vampire on the road to redemption

By: EDWARD GROSS Try as he may, ANGEL supervising producer Tim Minear seems unable to remove himself from the sci-fi and horror genres. Alright, admittedly he`s probably not trying all that hard to escape a form of storytelling that has been very good to him, but it is certainly peculiar...   Continue reading

Posted on July 24, 2000

Q & A with Tim Minear: June 2000

Doug Petrie wrote the Buffy comic #20, dealing with what happened after Angel's departure. This story is supposed to be "canonical". In the end, although parted, the connection between Buffy and Angel remains, and that is what makes these two warriors strong. Considering everything that has happened this season, do...   Continue reading

Posted on June 1, 2000

Q & A with Tim Minear: January 2000

Why did you want to be a screenwriter? I love movies. And television. I would say that TV influenced me more growing up than even feature films. I was weaned on re-runs of the original Star Trek and Twilight Zone. I was one of those Southern California kids who grew...   Continue reading

Posted on January 30, 2000

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