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Katie Finneran for the Hat Trick

Posted on March 1, 2007 | Comments (8)

Tim Minear's All Star Team, also known as TV's hit DRIVE, has added yet another familiar face to its lineup. Katie Finneran (WONDERFALLS, THE INSIDE) has joined the cast. She will play Becca, the sister of Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion). No word yet on if this will be a single guest appearance or a recurring role.



...Well that about summed it up.

Posted by: OmegaII at March 2, 2007 04:36 AM

she's awesome.
This is becoming the best cast of the best show ever. And we haven't even watched the pilot yet.

Only one month and a half left.

Posted by: Tamara at March 2, 2007 11:22 AM

I love how Tim is getting old friends/cast members he's worked with on the show. I can't wait to see who he brings next, it'd be really kewl if we saw people like David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof or Adam Baldwin on the show.

Posted by: Stephen R. Fletcher at March 3, 2007 09:54 AM

A major coups! Ms Finneran brings the kind of bone-deep funny that reminds me of Carole Lombard, Jean Arthur and Allison Janney. Also the hotness.
Sibling-ing with Spencer Tracy (in tighter pants)!?! I love the smell of Cinematic History in the making!

Posted by: Scott Ellington at March 22, 2007 12:44 PM

In celebration of Drive, my friends and I had a Minear-thon (cheesy, I know) of all our favorite shows.

Now, I gotta ask because I don't know where else to put this...but I re-watched episodes of The Inside that I taped with the ancient contraption called a VCR! LMAO.

Does anyone know where I could find at least who did some of the musical credits for the episode? Not, just the instrumental parts. I know Immortal by Skinny Puppy was a song in one of the episodes. But I was hoping to find a better list of songs. :( It's been two years, I know. lol.

Most of the series for Minear have always had great music. Coincedence? I don't think so. lol.

Posted by: JustAFan at March 26, 2007 04:45 AM

Over at the Futon Critic they have an article at http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news.aspx?id=7341
saying that the Drive season will be split in two. "FOX will wrap "Drive's" upcoming five-week/six-episode run on Monday, May 7 with the remaining installments of its initial 13-episode order then airing at a later date."

Knowing FOX's track record who knows whether we'll even get those 6 epispodes?


Posted by: N eil Ottenstein at March 30, 2007 10:03 AM

Tomorrow's the day, and I'm hoping the show will somehow lap the field, or at least stay a car length behind "Dancing With the Stars." It has to, if we are to get all 13 episodes on TV, and maybe more to finish the first race.
By the way, nice add to the cast. I wonder if Peter Coyote will be revealed as one of the "race organizers"?

Posted by: David Mello at April 14, 2007 07:41 PM

Nice "audio" appearance by Katie in the first episode. I dind't expect that at all. Hopefully she'll be in tonight's episode.

I'm loving the music on the show too. Can't wait to watch tonight's episode!

Posted by: Tamara at April 16, 2007 03:03 AM

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