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TimMinear.net EXCLUSIVE -- The DRIVE scripts

Posted on April 24, 2007 | Comments (109)

Miss an episode of DRIVE? A little lost?

Were you trying to explain the funny that was Winston's drink order, but you couldn't quite remember how those lines went?

We can help!

Here are the final shooting scripts for the first four episodes of DRIVE!* Beware, though: Due to some changes in the editing suite, some scenes that were written for Episodes 103 and 104 were shifted to later episodes. So there are BIG plot spoilers ahead.

Consider yourself warned -- from here on out, you have only yourself to blame -- and PLEASE DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THESE FILES. If you mention these on other sites, please link to this entry. Don't link directly to the files:

• Script for "The Starting Line"
• Script for "Partners"
• Script for "Let the Games Begin"
• Script for "No Turning Back"

- - - - -

* These scripts are in PDF format and are intended for educational/informational purposes only.


I just wanted to say "Thanks, Tim!" for posting these scripts. Any way to enjoy DRIVE even more is always appreciated!

Posted by: TigerAngel at April 25, 2007 03:30 AM

Oh, thanks so much. Yet another script I can analyse until my eyes bleed.

Posted by: at April 25, 2007 06:20 AM

Thank you for one more excellent show. I love Drive more than I can say.

Posted by: Jenn at April 25, 2007 08:14 AM

Very good work... the latest episode was really really well crafted and you can tell you guys are hitting your stride! Keep 'em coming!

Posted by: Crawlie at April 25, 2007 12:32 PM

Tim... so so SO sorry Fox yanked Drive from the schedule. Everyone in my house, INCLUDING my 6 year old, was totally addicted. I hate Fox... meh.

Posted by: Tessa at April 25, 2007 02:15 PM

why would they pull it? WHY? I can't f-ing believe it. were they expecting AI numbers? are they stupid?

Posted by: pissed at April 25, 2007 02:43 PM

Bad news spreads like wildfire..... i'm SO sorry.For what its worth, i loved this show.Maybe another network?

Posted by: Sherrie at April 25, 2007 02:55 PM

Tim, what is there to say? Can't believe Fox would do this to y'all...again. Someone suggested another network - would SciFi be a fit? You've got the seedling of a truly awesome show here and it'd be a crying shame to see it get shuffled off by a panicky network.

Posted by: Steve at April 25, 2007 03:15 PM

I am so sorry to hear about the cancellation. I was really getting into the show. Hopefully there will be some way for us to see those final two episodes. It was a really enjoyable series.

Posted by: EAH at April 25, 2007 03:22 PM

Don't let this become another Firefly!!!!

This show rocks, so please explore moving to like the CW or Scifi....for the fans...

We can keep this alive right???

Posted by: Laney at April 25, 2007 03:27 PM

Timmah. Why do they keep doing this to all your shows?? I just don't get it. You come up with great concepts, hire fantastic actors and crew, generate some great scripts, and they cancel the show? Please shop Drive out to another network, because I would love to see it continue.

You have my eternal devotion to anything you do!

Posted by: TheStormCellar at April 25, 2007 03:32 PM

Tim. Dude. I can't believe they canned Drive. This was the first new series I'd gotten excited about in a long time.

Posted by: michael at April 25, 2007 04:05 PM

Tim, I'm so sorry that yet again, this network screwed you. Now I know they *think* they promoted the hell out of this show, but did they? Nobody I know had heard of the show except through me telling them about it. My friends don't watch 24 or Prison Break, but they all really enjoyed Drive and were set to watch more.

If Fox's business model is truly 'ratings hit on premiere' night, then who is the bonehead that greenlit the show in the first place, knowing how expensive the show is to make, and the low odds to have a 'ratings hit on premiere night'?

Thank you for the episodes we did get to see! I hope you and the rest of the crew are proud of what you did make. I really enjoyed it while it lasted and the show seemed to be just taking off. I hope they air the last 2 episodes, or at least put them online. If they don't please release the scripts or close up the unanswered questions for the 5 million of us who did watch the show.

And finally, please stop working with a network that is obviously not aligned with the kind of shows you are making. Try FX, HBO or Showtime - networks that take chances and support what they create. Best wishes for the road ahead.

Posted by: Wendy at April 25, 2007 04:08 PM

Tim keep Drive alive! Drive is such a gem...I'm sooo sorry that most of America would rather watch STUPID reality shows. You've hooked me into a wonderful show (and my roommates). Hopefully something good will come from the horrible canceling!

Posted by: Sno at April 25, 2007 04:09 PM

It shows that a TV network can have the biggest promo campaign around, but if it lacks faith in the show it's promoting, then what good are the promos...or the network??
It's like a bait and switch for these guys, and it's happened to Marti Noxon with "Point Pleasant" a while ago. The only way you can find out what happened to the girl is overseas or the DVD set, if you can find it. That also goes for "The Inside", and North American viewers still can't find out how that show ended.
Fox should have had it as a mini-series...something no one does anymore...or even a one-season story, in which they can get back costs through DVD and now downloading sales. But no...old habits die hard.
Anyway, pass my best wishes to the cast, and let's hope someday we'll know who won the race...the Sponsors or Alex Tully's Racing Team

Posted by: David Mello at April 25, 2007 04:33 PM

Damdamdamdamdamdamdam. Am I never going to get a full season of Nathan Fillion? He is such a great actor - and yummy to look at, too!

This show had me from the first scene, and I was really looking forward to next Monday.


Thanks for the scripts, though. They're a great read!

Posted by: Mary G. at April 25, 2007 04:39 PM


I'm quite amazed that as innovative show as this could be pulled after only four episodes - quite tragic. Thank you for showing me that there is still someone out there will some talent!
Except for The Sopranos this is the only programme I've been enthused about for some time, I hope you have the opportunity to continue the story some day.

Posted by: Andy M at April 25, 2007 04:50 PM

Sorry to see Drive is cancelled, I was enjoying it. I was half-expecting it to be cancelled though, because I think it started at a curious time. Unlike what people seem to be saying, it seems to have been marketed well so that people know about it, but it's just mistimed. On other networks, some popular shows are still going on, in fact the ones most comparable to Drive - Lost and Heroes. Both of these have an ensemble of characters and an overall plot shrouded in mystery. I think Drive would have been best served starting the week after the end of 24 and these other shows, when it'd have possibly a bigger audience because they don't have any other drama to watch.

It's a pity, because it was an entertaining story and good cast (Fillion, Lehman and Baker particularly). Fillion is a great actor, feels like a real "everyman" and he deserves to be on our screens for longer than 60 seconds.

Posted by: Mel Rodriguez at April 25, 2007 05:46 PM

Goddamnit! First they kill The OC, now they pull the coolest new show that's come along all year! Fox, I am not loving you one tiny little bit right now!

Posted by: Andrew at April 25, 2007 05:58 PM

Tim, I can only repeat some of what I said at Whedonesque:

To Tim, Nathan, cast and crew, you have my deep condolences. DRIVE started off with a bang, was more original than anything I've seen since I caught all of Wonderfalls on cable a short time ago, and was just flat-out exciting to watch. Tim, I hope one day the television studio scene will change, so that the stories you want to tell will not be thrown out a window the moment it appears that the KA-CHING! of a cash register is not sounding with enough rapidity for studio execs.

This sucks worse than a huge sucking thing. I wish there were something more constructive I could do than sit here and gnash my teeth into vampiric-like points of hatred.

I'll be reading the scripts. Thank you for posting them.

Posted by: Tonya at April 25, 2007 05:58 PM

Un. Freaking. Believable. This was the best new show since ever and I am completely in shock. I'm really about to totally give up on TV altogether.

Hey Tim, can you and Joss start a TV network for smart people? Or perhaps just start working with cable? Because the disappointment of missing out on the culmination of these shows is just so overwhelming sometimes.

Posted by: Lisa at April 25, 2007 06:12 PM

Thanks for posting the scripts, Tim. Sorry to hear about the shows cancellation. I was really enjoying it and thought it was a perfect companion to 24.


Posted by: Bobby Nash at April 25, 2007 06:25 PM

I hope you know that we love you, even if the network doesn't always. Thanks for giving us a great show that we were thrilled to watch!

Posted by: Tiffany at April 25, 2007 06:28 PM

This is unbelievable. I loved this show.

I hope you find another network to pick up where you left off.

Please don't give up on "Drive".

Posted by: JFrankA at April 25, 2007 06:36 PM

Drive was great, I hope something can be worked out to continue it somewhere.

Posted by: Ken at April 25, 2007 06:46 PM

PLEASE tell us if we can fight this. If there is enough hate mail sent to the right person, can we resurrect the show???

Posted by: Beth at April 25, 2007 06:54 PM

Sorry, man. Really bummed. But, we ARE talking about FOX. If you get this picked up by another network, I will tune in.

BIG RED BUTTON thoughts going your way.

Posted by: RobinInSeoul at April 25, 2007 07:03 PM

It was inevitable unfortunately , bad timing and although I LOVED THE SHOW the concept of it probably was never going to go over big with the viewing public. Driving/racing based shows are few and far between on tv. I love all your stuff though m8 , but do yourself a favor and scrap working with FOX.

Posted by: Lutheran at April 25, 2007 07:18 PM

I'm sad to hear of the cancellation. Will the scripts for the unaired episodes be available here?

At least I got to see this show and enjoy it. I completely missed "The Inside," but I'm glad I was able to read the scripts that are posted here. I hope they come out on DVD someday.

Posted by: Bobbi at April 25, 2007 08:33 PM

I so much want to see how the race ends. I need to know that Sam and Kathryn (and their loved ones racing for their lives) come out OK. Also I empathize with other sympathetic characters and need to learn more of their stories.

So if all the episodes don't get made, please release the scripts if they have been written.

Posted by: jelly at April 25, 2007 09:36 PM

Like everyone else, I'm utterly depressed about the demise of Drive. Is there anyway at all it could get on another network? That is a damned good show, and Fox is just plain retarded.

Posted by: Arsh at April 25, 2007 09:39 PM

Big Honkin' Sigh!

Some days I have to wonder why FOX buys shows that they seem to have no interest in running.

Up until the bad news came down, "Drive" was the best show on the network, in terms of quality.

Maybe they'll figure out that to promote the hell out of a show, they have to advertise it everywhere. Most of the people I know had no clue it was on.

I'd love to see the show turn up on The CW, where it wouldn't need huge ratings to succeed, but I suspect that ain't gonna happen.


Thanks for the four hours of terrific entertainment. I hope there'll be sufficient clamour for a DVD set to be released [and it'll sell enough copies to warrant someone to suggest - and maybe even make - a movie]. It's happened before...

Posted by: Sheldon Wiebe at April 25, 2007 09:43 PM

I can't believe they canceled it. while it wasn't the best show, it was so much better than typical first shows. Even '24' didn't have as great a beginning / 1st ep.

Posted by: dirk at April 25, 2007 09:59 PM


Forget Fox! You and Josh need to start your own cable channel. Seriously!

Posted by: Thad Crews at April 25, 2007 10:16 PM

I can't believe it! (okay, I guess that I CAN believe it, since it's Fox and all.) I was loving your new shiny show :(

Maybe you should start working with another network :) One day, some execs somewhere will recognize your brilliance :)

Posted by: Laura at April 25, 2007 10:29 PM


As usual, seconds after getting hooked, my heart is broken. I'm going to dim the lights and watch my Firefly boxset to drown out the pain.

So sorry Tim, you deserve much better than this

Posted by: Vaughn at April 25, 2007 11:40 PM

Damn it. I guess a big part of the problem is that the concept of a network standing behind a show long enough for it to develop a fan base is something that was on its way out of style before the Fox network even came into existence...

Tell Fox I'll buy the DVD set whenever it comes out, just like I did for all the other great shows they killed in half a season or less. But with all the unexplored backstories, and the barely scratched mysteries about the race's sponsors, this is a show that obviously needed three to five seasons minimum to unfold. That leaves a nasty sting.

Better luck next time, Tim. I know it's not always that simple, but shop your next project somewhere else if you can.

Posted by: Scott at April 26, 2007 01:03 AM

Bah. After promising myself I wouldn't get hooked, just in case this happened, I watched ep. 4, got hooked by the cliffhanger, and am *so* disappointed they cancelled it. You've got no manner of luck at all, when it comes to TV series. :(

Posted by: Morv at April 26, 2007 01:41 AM

Oh! Of course! Networks just CAN'T give new shows a chance now! It's either Lost and Desperate Housewives right away or it's out the window! It's ridiculous! And given the numbers of shows that actually MAKE it to another season, probably a waste of money too!

First Day Break, now Drive! It's depressing! I swear if the Xfiles were to start next year, they would pull the plug after 6 episodes... so it didn't start HUGE but guess what? it BECAME huge! Give time to shows, FOX!

oh and next time, maybe they won't air the premiere in Canada 3 days before so that there are copies of the show floating everywhere online before it actually airs in the US! I can understand they'd rather pretend the online community is not here but it is so why be stupid?!

so sorry about the show, man... I miss it already

Posted by: Dave at April 26, 2007 01:52 AM

I can't believe it!! I'm sorry, Tim! They cancel everything I watch! I promise not to watch your next show until it gets two seasons! :( Maybe I should start watching House or CSI so they can finally get them off the air!

and of course, since the episodes weren't shot, we'll never know what happens! I know it's a snowball in hell, but any chance you might be able to upload the shooting scripts of the unaired/unproduced episodes?

That's what TV is going to look like now... washed out celebs morons dancing and pimpled teens screaming in a mike to become a celeb moron! Great!

Posted by: Carla at April 26, 2007 01:59 AM

I'm so disappointed at this. Is there any chance that scripts for the later episodes 7-13 will be available so we can see what would have happened?

Posted by: LuSiVe at April 26, 2007 02:25 AM

Tim, do all of us and yourself a favour and never pitch anything to Fox again! Can't you see they don't care about you!!!!

Posted by: Michel Alexander at April 26, 2007 02:33 AM

Jesus Harry Christ, I can't believe they did it *again*! And just as the series was really building to something - the last episode, with the Susan/Leigh storyline and the Sean cliffhanger? Outstanding.

Any chance we might get a Drive/The Inside DVD double-feature? That would kick some major ass.

Posted by: Patrick at April 26, 2007 06:02 AM

How about we send a bunch of matchbox cars to the fox studios? Send letters..anything to show the support for the show. Maybe fox needs to go on Smarter than a fifith grader because I don't think their intelligence is remotely close after this boneheaded move. Fox is a graveyard of great shows that were never given their chance to shine.

Posted by: Katherine DeMille at April 26, 2007 06:04 AM

Fox sucks, why do they keep pulling great shows! i loved drive, i really want to see episode 5 sooo much!, I think its wrong to pull a show just because it doesnt get a high amount of viewers the show has only just started out! Very sad news, from now on i wont be watching anything by FOX.

Posted by: Marie at April 26, 2007 06:12 AM

As I wrote at TVRules.net: Just what did Fox think was gonna happen with a brand new multi-plot drama with about ten major characters, with the first four shows shown on three separate dates and two different days of the week, vs. Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, The Amazing Race, Cold Case, Dancing with the Stars and Deal or No Deal?

I think "Drive" could have found its stride in time, but the way Fox bas been treating it makes me figure the network thought it was gonna fail anyway.

My condolences to the cast and crew of Drive.

Posted by: Ottrree at April 26, 2007 06:48 AM

If the scripts are already written for the remaining 6 or more episodes, can you publish them or at least give us a synopsis as to what we would have seen?

Posted by: Larry Davenport at April 26, 2007 06:58 AM

Tim please upload the other scripts, I'm excited about the future of the story

Posted by: NC at April 26, 2007 07:35 AM

I should have known when they only ordered a total of six episodes that FOX was gonna screw this show over like a plain girl on prom night.
Just when I tell everyone about this INCREDIBLE new show...it gets cancelled again.
Strange how it always happens with FOX.

FIREFLY - cancelled, turned into a feature film elsewhere
FAMILY GUY - cancelled, then resurrected by a competing company's cable network...returned to FOX lineup
WONDERFALLS - cancelled
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - cancelled (after mysteriously being allowed to limp along for 2 seasons because of massive amounts of critical praise)
THE INSIDE - cancelled
DRIVE - cancelled

Why do I bother even turning Fox on any more?
It certainly seems they don't care about my viewership.
Maybe you can go the Whedon route and shop the show elsewhere. It's a hard sell, sure, but the show was quality from the very first moment, and it's a damn shame not to know where it was all heading.

Whatever your next endeavor, I'll be watching. Just pitch it somewhere other than FOX so it stands a chance of getting more than four episodes aired.

Posted by: Adam at April 26, 2007 08:41 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about the show. Please pass along all of our regrets to the rest of the writers, directors and producers, the cast and the crew. This show was REALLY brilliant and was just hitting its stride. As of the last episode, I fell HARDCORE in love with it and when I got the news today, I actually complained to anybody within earshot that "they cancelled my show!"

This was really an amazing series. I know everyone else has said it already, but is there ANY CHANCE AT ALL of it being picked up by another network?

If nothing else, I promise, I will buy the DVDs. I'll do what a friend of mine did with "Firefly" and buy it many times and give them away as gifts for Christmas and for every birthday after their release.

This just sucks. I was really, really loving the show.

Posted by: Heather at April 26, 2007 09:44 AM

Fox really sucks.

Posted by: Julie at April 26, 2007 09:46 AM

Fox is horrific. Are there ANY shows on Fox that are made for someone with an IQ in at least the double digits? There isn't now that Drive has been cancelled. I hope it finds a new home on a better network.

Posted by: Liz at April 26, 2007 10:22 AM

I just don't understand. This show sucked me in instantly -- and I didn't even realize until I saw the credits that Tim Minear had a finger in it!

My condolences on the loss of your show. I know that I will miss it.

Posted by: Beth at April 26, 2007 10:34 AM

Bah Humbug!!!!!!
Love Drive... Hate Fox... Can't really say anything more basic than that.

(ps thanks for posting the scripts... any chance on getting episodes 5 & 6?)

Posted by: finajk at April 26, 2007 10:38 AM

FOX SUX! I have never been on the edge of my seat while watching a show like I did Drive. It is absolutely the best show on TV! My 4 kids and my wife could not wait until Monday night. This has me really ticked off. I would really like to find out how this ends either another network (best choice) or at least a story or even the scripts with a good ending. Thanks you are the best!

Posted by: mike at April 26, 2007 11:10 AM

I concur with the Bah Humbug. I was so enjoying Drive. Hoping for DVD with commentary. Or another network to pick it up.

Sorry Tim, it was brilliant work as usual. Too bad the suits didn't see it that way.

Posted by: Jess at April 26, 2007 12:08 PM

But how will we ever find out now how Alex's great-great-grandson became a space captain? *sob*

FOX is the most evil network ever! I spit in their general direction.

Posted by: Kat at April 26, 2007 12:37 PM

This is so stupid! Drive was getting good ratings! Better than some other junk shows that are still on! And I was becoming more intrigued in the stories! There has got to be some way for US FANS to keep these shows on that deserve a better chance!

Posted by: macburt at April 26, 2007 01:43 PM

Sorry to hear about the cancellation. So here's an idea. Why bother with FOX or the networks? With Netflix (and other well-funded internet businesses) providing online streaming downloads - see if you can partner with them to fund the completion of the series. I have to believe it would be a win for them and us. If nothing else, what a great social experiment.

There has to be some way to make this without them. I wish I could afford to front the money, but sadly, no.

Posted by: Paul at April 26, 2007 02:36 PM

Majority of Tim's series' have been great. I loved 'Angel', and the short lived (thanks to the typical FOX treatment) 'The Inside' . Both had great writing and terrific character development.

But this time around, I think FOX gave 'Drive' a fair shake. Bottom line is that Drive suffered from weak writing, and horribly cheesy dialog. The pilot episode was intriguing enough, but the plot kept getting more and more outlandish.

I really wanted to like this show, but by the 4th episode I was just rolling my eyes at how irrational every character was behaving.

Posted by: blah at April 26, 2007 03:22 PM

So Tim, how about posting the remaining episodes on the net (under cover naturally) ;-)

Posted by: PJ at April 26, 2007 03:29 PM

FOX seems to always take a show I really like and canceling it. I feel like my liking a show is bad luck. And looking to my left it seems I'm bad luck for you since I loved all your shows. I just get the feeling eventually FOX will be a 24 hour AMERICAN IDOL channel. God I hate that show.

Posted by: Kevin at April 26, 2007 04:37 PM

Hey blah why don't you kick Tim in the balls on your way off the page lol..you come to the writers webpage and make a post on how the writing sucks , nice guy you are. Your also dead wrong , the writing wasn't the problem. Its simple economics..not enough people watched the show , end of story.

Posted by: Anthony at April 26, 2007 04:39 PM

Tim, you are an awesome person. I'm sorry that Drive got canceled. Sorry fans like I couldn't get more people watching. Sorry we're gonna once again bemoan the short livedness of one of your series.


Posted by: Tabz at April 26, 2007 05:08 PM

Tim, I am so sorry to hear about Drive's untimely demise. I have followed all of your work and loved every single minute of it. Wonderfalls is a treasured DVD of mine and I I love getting new people into it. Drive was excellent work and Fox continues its tradition of killing off excellence without giving it a fair chance. Know that you have a loyal, entertained and enraptured audience that will follow you through hell (or Fox) again.

Posted by: Trip at April 26, 2007 06:24 PM

Loved the show. Will miss it. Please do a deal with Showtime or some other place that gives risky shows a chance. Fox just kills shows before their time.

Posted by: Erica at April 26, 2007 07:28 PM

Well, I wanted to see at least the end of the season. Yes, some parts were shaky, but I've noticed most things either get better or worse with age. I think Drive could have gotten better. It must be hard to be invested in a show when the lack of faith is so obvious. Promotion is *part* of the process, but ordering so few episodes shows that overall, there wasn't faith in the show. Buffy wasn't the instant "OH MY GOD, DID YOU SEE THAT?" phenonomon straight off the bat, at least not where I'm from. And when I went to the dorms in 2000, there were still people who hadn't seen Buffy or Angel and I got them hooked by everyone crowding around my television. The point is that things take time. Audiences *aren't* built in anymore because there are *so* many choices out there, especially if you take cable into account. Granted, most of the shows are bunk, but what I like doesn't mean someone else will.

Fans are a large part of attracting new people. Case in point, Buffy example. No one is going to have astronomical numbers against a seasoned veteran like Dancing with the Stars, a show I willingly gave up to see Drive. They've established their base, and after four episodes, it's quite unreasonable to think Drive would have those numbers. The old school executive thinking doesn't work anymore, and it seems like at times Fox refuses to meet their audiences need. So many people are over reality shows, especially ones in that 18-34 demo. We're ready for shows that make us think, and feel. There's a reason why shows like Heroes work for so many. It tells a story, like Drive would have if given the chance. The first several episodes had to line up the basics. You don't drop an audience into the middle of a plot. The pacing was picking up, the stories were slowly interconnecting, and secrets were appearing whenever someone gained a penalty. It's a pity that the show wasn't given the chance. I'm tired of America's Next Top Model, or American Idol, which feels like it's scrapping the bottom of the barrel at this point.

At the very least you should be proud of the hard work that was put into it. Everyone on the crew, down to the caterers, built something that could have worked. I wish you all the best in your next projects, but might I suggest leaving Fox alone for awhile. There seems to be a large disconnect with what the audience wants and what the execs think should happen.

Posted by: Jessica at April 26, 2007 07:50 PM

Drive cancelled after only 4 episodes?? That was FOX's last chance with me. I am going to stop watching 24 after all these years just to be sure I watch nothing else on that network. Maybe 24's numbers went down cause we are sick of the repetitiveness of Jack, Chloe, endless torture, etc, not its lead-in.

Drive was new, interesting and had tons of promise, but the Fox executives would rather continue their pitiful track record by cancelling yet another Tim Minear show before it gets a chance. My only comfort is feeling confident that he (Tim) will find some way for the fans to see the rest of the episodes.

PS - Tim - find another network. Or better yet - start one with your buddy Joss. 24 hrs a day of the whedon/minear verse (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Inside, Wonderfalls, Drive, etc...) I know I would tune in!!! You could even throw in some Two Guys & a Girl episodes for laughs - the more Nathan Fillion the better.

Posted by: Wish_Monsters at April 26, 2007 09:10 PM

And once again, it has nothing to do with good writing or good acting, it's all about satisfying the people who still ARE watching TV! And with the success of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and every good show launched this year cancelled, we know who THOSE are, right?

The fact is so many of the show's core targert audience got this over the internet or Tivo that the result was poor ratings... does that mean the show was not liked? no. Does that mean they wouldn't have sold the DVDs? No. It just means they cant quantify it and that's all that matters: numbers. How many people are watching the commercials!

I can tell you right now that NOONE is! Not even the people watching it on TV! But now that's how we determine a show's "success". Not how much it is liked.

Sorry, Tim... the worst part is that is was starting to be really great and most people I talked to were getting hooked! And that's pretty hard to do in just FOUR episodes! Unfortunately that's all we get now!

Posted by: Vanessa at April 27, 2007 02:22 AM

Bastards - they took the sky from you! Your shows are great, Tim, and the fact that they don't find an audience baffles me. Just know that they rock my world!

Have you thought of finishing Drive in comic book form (since that seems to be the thing to do these days!)?

Posted by: catalyst2 at April 27, 2007 03:58 AM

Fox doomed this show from the start...First they air back to back episodes on Sunday, then put a third episode on Monday night. They also put it in the same time slot as Heroes and Dancing With The Stars...both shows that have a huge fan base and are in mid-season. I was hooked on Drive from the first episode. I don't watch a lot of shows in the evening. Drive was one of two shows that I was racing to the tv to watch. If there is any way of doing it...see if another network will pick this show up. It's an amazing show, and deserves a chance.

Posted by: Brandy at April 27, 2007 07:29 AM

I'm sorry you got suckered into another FOX deal. I wish it were with a network that would appreciate you and your work and let it grow. They never gave it a chance sadly. It's horrible to see something so amazing be wasted..but that's what you get with FOX!

Posted by: at April 27, 2007 09:10 AM

I have a suggestion, why doesnít everyone who is disappointed about the show being canceled go to the Fox sponsored Drive website and put their official protest on their message board, be respectful but firm and let the company know how you feel. It might not make a difference, but if enough people post it might give them something to consider. Does anyone know of a better way to contact the company directly?

That said, I actually was one of the people at the Booster Back-up Bash that got to see a little of the unofficial premier of Drive and had been waiting since December for the show to come out. The show was brilliant and exciting. It had a talented cast that pulled off the complex plot wonderfully. Iím so sad that this series isnít being allowed to continue. I went to the convention excited to get to meet Nathan Fillion, but seeing what a funny and charming person Tim Minear was, I left with a huge crush on him instead.

Posted by: Melissa at April 27, 2007 10:18 AM

If Tim & Company want to save "Drive", this is the best way to help:

Buy the episodes from ITunes and/or Amazon Unbox. Buy them and give them to friends. Get anyone you can to watch the past episodes.

When the final two episodes do air, again, have everyone you know watching the screen.

If Fox, and other networks, see that this is a money maker and a ratings grabber, I guarentee this will rise from cancellation.

But we have to prove that the broadcaster will make money off continueing this series. Buying eps in one way, getting ratings is the other.

We can do it, if we really want to. And this recipe for saving a show worked for "Family Guy", "Firefly" (sales of episodes rose them from cancellation), "Farscape" (same plus more eyes watched the last four episdoes) and others.

If you really want this, and Tim and Company do too, this is the way.

Posted by: JFrank Anastasio at April 27, 2007 03:14 PM

Tim -
I was Driven! Sorry to see it cancelled. I hope some of the Itunes and unbox recipe can help make it work for ressurrection.

Posted by: Dawnsister at April 27, 2007 03:42 PM

I just want to know - how did Kathryn get control of the race, and why did she fake her own kidnapping?

(kidding! I jest!)

Posted by: Jelly at April 27, 2007 04:50 PM

Tim, Drive was an excellent, gripping, involving, good-hearted show, and I would have loved to see it progress and build in the unexpected but true ways that you know how to do so well. I admire you for risking rejection by the marketplace in order to bring something to market that is actually worth buying into. Thank you for caring!

Posted by: Pointy at April 27, 2007 07:43 PM


i'm really sorry man. 4 episodes?! i just don't get it!

Please let the cast/crew know that we all enjoyed the hard work they put into a great show that never even got a chance.

if you can pull off a miracle and you get DRIVE on another network, i'll be there watching.

(i don't even watch FOX. the only reason i did was because of DRIVE.)


Posted by: Pat! at April 27, 2007 10:11 PM


Thank you for posting the scripts. Your words are brilliant! DRIVE was the best new show I'd seen in a long time and I was so glad you were working with Nathan Fillion again. You create magic! DRIVE deserved better than it got at FOX. So did you.
Please don't give up on DRIVE - we'll follow it where ever it lands. It's just that FABulous!!!

Posted by: Kat Kopp at April 28, 2007 02:42 AM

I hate you Fox!!

Like other people said, please see if something can be done about it, it's one of the best shows I've ever seen, right up there with Firefly and Arrested Development - both of which Fox cancelled. I hate Fox so much...

Posted by: Hybrid at April 28, 2007 11:35 PM

I know that losing me as a viewer won't hurt FOX. They don't care about viewers with imaginations or brains. They lost half of those viewers years ago when they destroyed X-Files by dangling it over the shark tank for at least two more seasons than it deserved. They lost the rest of us when they killed off Profit and Firefly. They sucked me back in for Drive.

I fell in love with the show instantly. The cancellation after two weeks was just the lowest they have ever gone! It wasn't long enough for any show - no matter how brilliant - to draw an audience.

They have lost me for good this time. This is their third strike.

Profit - Strike One,
Firefly - Strike Two
and Drive - Strike Three.

Let them have their Anerican Idiot viewers. You and the cast of Drive deserve better. I hope there is some way you can take Drive on the road to find a different network. But for now, I'll be keeping those 4 episodes on my DVR to watch again and again and again...

Posted by: Jenn at April 29, 2007 12:02 AM

Okay, so Drive was canceled. Can we just sit back and let it gather dust with Firefly and Wonderfalls? No, you know the saying, "The show must go on." My next task will be to buy The Inside, but I'm sick and tired of amazing shows getting dropped off the radar solely because FOX feels like it. Do whatever you can to keep Drive on, the cast is spectacular (as with all your shows), and the witty dialog and plot twists just keep me thinking all week. I've spent the last five days just wondering what would happen on this Monday's episode, only to learn today that it's not going to be on!

While the average person may not know about Drive or Wonderfalls, you have a fanbase, Tim, and we will stand behind you and support every show you make.

Posted by: Gamma at April 29, 2007 12:05 AM

What a joke, I hate fox so much all the decent shows they canceled such as Mircales, Point Plesant, Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside and now Drive. Why do u even bother pitching show ideas to them? Go somewhere where your talent is actually appreciated and stop working for these fox losers who wouldn't know what good television was if it bit them on the ass!!

Posted by: The Brit at April 29, 2007 04:30 AM

So, in their infinite wisdom, the people at Fox they decided that after 2 weeks that "Drive" needed to be cancelled. They did the same thing to "Reunion" last year (although they gave that show a little more time)! It's not like it was a sitcom or other show that didn't have a continuing storyline. Just like "Reunion", they hyped this show pretty well and pulled the plug before we got to find out how it all ends. What's next? One year in the future, once 24 starts to wane in popularity, one season will be cut short after 4 hours. Thanks alot Fox!

Posted by: Rob at April 29, 2007 05:45 AM

Sorry to hear about Drive!

They did the same with Vanished, too, with John Allen Nelson. Man I loved that show. Not as much as I loved Drive, though.

Looking forward to your next work (I think I know why Joss boycotted Fox...)


Posted by: James at April 29, 2007 09:35 PM

Tim et al. - I liked this show, I liked the cast, I liked the concept, I liked the dialogue, and I especially liked the scripts that you co-wrote - and there isn't much TV that I DO like. (Wonderfalls, Whedon-works, and The Inside being very great exceptions...) I appreciate the scripts, though they are indeed a poor substitute for the real deal.

I am SO sorry that Drive was cancelled -- it's a travesty that Fox didn't give it more time to flourish. Most of the time, their shows are crap, and when they do get a gem, they don't know if or why it is. The great mystery is, why do they suck SO much and SO deeply? The gods alone do know. Boo sucks to them, and deep encouragement to you for your next great thing... which you WILL make, and which WILL be seen.

And in conclusion:
"That in all times, mediocrity has dominated, that is indubitable; but that it reigns more than ever, that it is becoming absolutely triumphant and inhibiting, this is what is as true as it is distressing." -- Charles Baudelaire

Posted by: QuoterGal at April 30, 2007 01:38 AM

From Australia - Another great show cancelled due to Execs only seeing the dollar value of some crap show like IDOl or Dancing with a star of somekind.

Havent been this excited bout a show since Firefly.

Best wishs for the future to the cast and you tim, maybe time for a new home for your ideas....

Posted by: Casey at April 30, 2007 03:50 AM

Count me among the heartbroken. I was enjoying Drive more with every episode and was really looking forward to the next one. Best wishes for the future.

Posted by: Marilyn at April 30, 2007 07:27 AM

Sorry to here about Drive's untimely demise. If it's any consolation, here's a link to a neat cartoon I caught online that is equally irked:


Posted by: Josef-Konrad at April 30, 2007 08:00 AM

Oops! That link to the cartoon I saw about "Drive" is actually:


Posted by: Josef-Konrad at April 30, 2007 08:05 AM

Egad - I just found out Drive has been cancelled - with six made and four shown.

Extremely frustrating, given the quality of the acting and scripts (and pacing and flow). A genuine attempt to do something intriguing, mysterious, and fair to the viewer.

Are the numbers people just doing this to see if a rabid fan base will erupt (a la Firefly, which I wouldn't mind coming back) and that's how they judge the response?

Perhaps we could have a viewer site where I could indicate which shows I watch. No one has ever asked ME what I watch. So who are they asking?

I'll stop now. Best of luck, and I'll buy the DVD when it comes out. And watch it if it comes back. I'll even write to the advertisers that I love their products, and that the show is the perfect framing for them.

Thanks from a grateful and still hopeful fan

Posted by: George at April 30, 2007 11:10 AM

Thanks for an awesome show!! :D i thought this show has much potential! well written and very exciting to watch! and ummm F#!K FOX... they have pulled SOOOO many good shows in the past 2 years i dont think i'll bother watching anything new at all if its on FOX. Again Thanks... :D

Posted by: hatesFOX at April 30, 2007 05:13 PM

I love Drive almost as much as I love Firefly, and that's saying a lot. I have every episode on tape and have the tape stashed in a safe place so I can watch as many times as I want [at least, until the tape dies].

Like everyone who posted before me, I too am appalled at Fox's idiocy, but I'm beginning to wonder if we aren't reaping what we've sown. Just look at the continuing proliferation of reality programming. The networks are making stupid amounts of money from programs that cost them a fraction of what a good dramatic series costs, and we continue to tune in to them. They aren't good for us, individually or collectively, but we're addicted to them. I refuse to watch any of the Survivor-, Amazing Race-, or American [or Canadian] Idol-type series, but I'm still kinda fond of America's Funniest Home Videos and Dancing With the Stars; I too am an addict. We've passed the point-of-no-return, and will probably never see the demise of the reality show, which bodes no good for the future of the dramatic series.

Tim, I wish you the best success in whatever you do in the future, and can only ask that you don't do it on Fox! Love and best wishes to you and the cast and crew. Please find a new show for Nathan; I can't stand to think that I won't be able to see him every week, and the boy's got to eat!

Posted by: Andrea in Winnipeg at April 30, 2007 05:16 PM

fox sucks i think that says it all

Posted by: dylan at April 30, 2007 06:34 PM

Fox - where good shows go to die.

Posted by: Sarah at April 30, 2007 06:41 PM

Drive has my support wherever you go with it, hopefully somewhere because I'm dying to see the rest of the season! I am pissed that they canceled it because it was my favorite show. Who wants to see House reruns on primetime anyway? Fox loves to make enemies with their viewers, that's all I can say.

Posted by: Heather at April 30, 2007 08:13 PM

Apparently I had been in a box. I had made a point to sneak away from work tonight so that I could turn start the record function on my VCR (I lost the remote that lets me program and my shiny new DVD burner is a shiny new piece of crap), to tape 8 hours of Fox programming, just so I could watch my new favorite show when I came home from the bar I manage. 4 am Tuesday morning, I sit down in my chair, fast forward to 8 pm... to see the opening of House. Tears welled in my eyes-- I knew that once again, you, the cast, everyone who worked so hard to bring us a good story, and we the viewers had once again been betrayed. I trudged towards the computer and the truth was confirmed for me. I am heartbroken and disgusted with television in general. I am so sorry for all of you mostly, you poured your heart and soul into something that you believed in (and you once again made a believer out of me), only to have the rug pulled out from underneath you by execs that are forced to bow to a population that would rather watch celebreties dance, sober idiots sing karaoke, jerks hurt themselves performing brainless stunts, and rednecks ask simple questions, than be truly entertained with a good fun story, with fantastic actors. You all deserved better than this. I eagerly await your next project, I can only hope that we won't have to wait long for that day.

Thank you!

Posted by: Jason Dye at May 1, 2007 01:26 AM

Why do they hate you so much? Why do you keep making shows for them to cancel? Go to a decent network where you'll get more than 4 eps to show how good you are!

Posted by: at May 1, 2007 08:34 AM

I also was a little behind I saw in the paper it was going to be on yet my DVR said House recorded it anyways cause thought it was an error got home late from work hit the list button saw it still said house? What? ok play damnit it is House House? House? I dont want to watch House Where the hell is Drive??!! Fainally able to get online just to find it cancelled! This sucks Finaly a series I actually want to watch and its cancelled??

Posted by: Vince at May 2, 2007 09:59 AM

Buy the eps off ITunes, Direct2Drive and Amazon Unbox, share them with friends. Get them hooked. Tell everyone about the show. Blog it on your MySpace or Mywhatever. Have banners linking to the eps or a website that promotes it.

Until Tim & Company say stop, we can still try to un-cancel this show. There are two more eps left. Let's boost the sales of the eps and the ratings of the next two eps when they air so that the numbers can't be denied.

Make Fox second-think their decision. This is the way to do it!

Posted by: JFrank Anastasio at May 2, 2007 10:25 AM


Sorry to hear about Fox's short-sightedness (Fox-sightedness) on yet another creative series idea.

When are the plug-pullers going to realize that a series RARELY finds its stride in its first season, let alone four episodes? If those wankers had half a brain between them, they would trust that a show of quality will find its audience. How can four episodes properly gestate? They're frigging abortionists of creativity (okay, maybe that's a little too dramatic).

Fox is about the big NOW and are surely missing out on a lot of potential entertainment.

Get thee to another network, young man.

Posted by: Michael at May 2, 2007 11:42 PM

I was emailing people a few days ago excited about this show. I've watched them numerous times. Mal is back, in this century, in a Dodge no less! but sadly, as I thought might happen, the powers that be took Drive away from all of us.

I can only imagine how much hard work went into Drive.

Keep your head down. Not that I need to tell you, but keep fighting the good fight. The fight being Talent Vs. Mediocrity. You know what they say: ART IS THEATER, MOVIES ARE ENTERTAINMENT AND TELEVISION IS FURNITURE (at least that's what they're trying to maintain). Your show, as with all things you worked on, was fit for THEATER.


Posted by: drollness at May 3, 2007 12:13 PM

life?... yeah, i've heard of it. sounds like it sucks.

i'm so sorry tim and other relevant cast and crew. truly truly truly. if it's any consolation, i did my best to get people to watch it. i sent out mass emails even to friends in my email address boxes i haven't talked to in years with links to your show and threatened to never speak to them again unless they watched the show (since i planned on talking about the show ad nauseum, and would speak of little else...) and i rallied hard after it first aired to get people to catch up that missed it. i should have tried harder.

i was always secretly scared, though. after my heart was broken over wonderfalls i figured that if the show was in trouble that there would be a "save drive" website similar to the wonderfalls one. every morning i would wake up and type in savedrive.com just in case. each time there wasn't one i'd breathe a sigh of relief. ...but you've been strangely silent since this cancellation. haven't seen a new site to save the show. have you given up?...

i vow, from this point forward, to always replace the word "cancel" in all of my blog entries, every imdb posting, or when i leave a restaurant before the food comes with the word "fox" as in... they just foxed my favourite show. or... you can fox that chili brick. i don't want it anymore. anyone else who wants to do the same, please do. give it a proper introduction and make it part of the english lexicon.

i know it's not my baby or my hard work that made this show. thanks to all that were involved. you have my condolences. still, i get to feel some of the pain and frustration i'm sure you're all carrying.

i'm very hurt.

Posted by: rand johnson at May 3, 2007 04:14 PM

I was a 60+ yr old viewer who missed Dancing with the Stars to see this. For years, I wouldn't watch Fox because I thought it had such corny shows. But do enjoy Prison Break and American Idol. I was already hooked on Drive (got hooked on pilot ad) and had to turn to internet to see where it stood.

I was loving Drive and want more!!!

Posted by: Pat W at May 6, 2007 04:42 PM

Sorry to hear about the cancellation. I was downloading the episodes over the net because I was so intrigued by the concept for the show. I would definitely re-watched them if they ever came on TV over here in the UK. Fox are taking the piss. So many great shows that I enjoyed such as The Inside, Firefly, Tru Calling, Point Pleasent, Reunion and The Oc among others have now been cancelled. I'm just so happy that they have kept Prison Break this long because I love that show. Anyway good luck with any future shows. But may I suggest a different network this time.

Posted by: Chris at May 7, 2007 04:05 AM

Honestly, if you and Nathan never deal with Fox again, I wouldn't blame you. They axe so many ambitious shows before they have a chance to really mature, yet they constantly order new ones each season. I can't count the number of non-mainstream series they've added to their lineup every year and then canned when the ratings don't explode after a month or less.

Add me to the list of people hopeful you'll shop the series to another network, and soon. Fox's plan to air the "remaining two episodes" this summer will ensure that interest will have waned and that the cast will have already found other work, sealing the show's fate for good.

Posted by: Brad at May 7, 2007 11:30 AM

Here's hoping that someone comes to their senses and gives Drive the chance it deserves. I hope you can market to another network like FX or TNT. I am another disgruntled viewer that it turning to only cable shows from now on if this trend continues. There have been half a dozen shows that I was following in the last year that have all gotten the axe way before their time. Good luck in the future and stay away from FOX!

Posted by: Brian at May 7, 2007 12:13 PM

To Heck with FOX Try FX Tim,

Rescue Me, The Shield, The Riches, FX has been good at taking a chance on great shows and giving them the time to mature. DRIVE was awesome and would have ended up in the class with those listed above if given the time. Sadly the FOX network seems to think it is supposed to compete with the Big Three Networks and all their 'reality' junk programing.

Posted by: Chris Boston, MA at May 7, 2007 12:46 PM

I enjoyed the show. I liked the creativity it had that other shows seemed to have lost. It kept me guessing. There were a lot of possibilities...I liked that. I'm bummed that I won't be able to see how it turns out. I liked your choice of actors/actresses as well. Some of them are just waiting to be discovered. I think you should go into the movie bussiness. Don't dump Drive yet.... make it into a 2 hour movie. It would be nice to have something original in the Box-office for a change. I could see it becoming a huge hit.

Posted by: Joy Simpson at May 7, 2007 10:54 PM

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