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Quick News on THE INSIDE

Posted on December 2, 2004 | Comments (3)

As you may have read elsewhere, Tim recently signed on to redevelop the FOX drama THE INSIDE. Serving as the show's Executive Producer, Tim is currently hard at work, writing a new pilot.

Set in Los Angeles, the series focuses on Rebecca Locke, a rookie Special Agent working in the FBI's Violent Crimes Unit as a "profiler." It's L.A. Confidential meets Silence of the Lambs.

THE INSIDE is scheduled to debut this March on FOX.


Hooray! Tim will make us love each of the victims before the serial killer(s?) administers the coup de grace!

Posted by: Matt the Bruins fan at December 2, 2004 08:11 PM

I just read that one of the actors left the project. Asking you please to replace with James Marsters or Alex Denisoff. Both great actors we love to watch. Thanks

Posted by: Angel fan at December 3, 2004 04:19 AM

Well, as you may well know, Adam Baldwin (Firefly) just confirmed he is involved in this project. If only it wasn't for Fox.
I hope Tim doesn't kill him off right away! But then it's Tim, so probably yes!

Posted by: Damnitgirlie at December 3, 2004 01:13 PM

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